Our youngest and most spoiled dog! So cheerful dog! At home she is Elya, Elechka, Mususya, El-Doctor, NushAsikovna and Imperial Shmiga (it’s mean a naughty)!
Imperial – because she is surpasses all of Shmig!
This is a hyper-energetic dog! She does not sit for a second, she always has a lot of different cases
Everything is interesting and needed to her!
Elechka is our family doctor. She really cures and relieves fatigue! She knows for sure which part of the body to go to cure.
Elechka is an amazing and interesting dog! She is so observational and tries to repeat what we do. For example, every time when we go for a walk she gets her sweater out of the closet and brings to dressed even in summer. And her head on the pillow when she sleeps and always under the blanket

Birthday: October 28, 2016

Dogshow’s rewards: Best puppy, CAC, BOB, BIG-4



Sir MAGIK RAINBOW BRABUS * Dam ZIMERBUDE CUBA Titles: JCH UA, 2*CH UA, CH OF BREED (5*JCAC, 6*CAC, 6*BOB, 3*CACIB, R.CACIB, 2*BIG-1, 1*BIG-2, 2*BISS-2) Dachshund Kaninchen Wire Haired



Sir CHINUK IS IMPERII INES * Dam IDEYA MANODG KOYCHI Titles: JCH UA, CH UA (3 * JCAC, 3 * CAC, CACIB, 2 * BOB) Dachshund Miniature Wire Haired Has a coffee (chocolate) gene