Ripley Ellen won CAC, BOB and BIG-4 at the marvelous dogshow “Spring Meetings” in Kharkov city, Ukraine, 2018

May 19, 2018 our RIPLEY ELLEN took part in the dogshow “Spring Meetings”, Kharkov. Despite the rainy weather RIPLEY ELLEN got CAC and BOB from Judge Tatyana Shiyan (Ukraine). RIPLEY ELLEN also received an invitation to take part in the BEST in GROUP competition, where Judge Lyudmila Lavrova (Moldova) solemnly assigned the 4th place ☺

The younger brothers of RIPLEY ELLEN also came visit dogshow to support their sister and communicate with everyone ☺ SUPERMEN and STARK (Tony) were real stars! They attracted the attention of many visitors of dogshow, especially children! ☺

That’s so RIPLEY ELLEN made us happy! Everyone is very happy with participation, communication and rewards! ☺


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