Beautiful country Ukraine!

Ukraine is a unique country is located in the Europe, bordered by Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. The territory of Ukraine is 603 700 square kilometres. It is the largest country, completely located in Europe. Ukraine is a country with ancient history and traditions, with beautiful nature and unique places. This is a beautiful country! Ukraine is interesting at any time of the year!

Vacationers come here to get acquainted with the customs of the region, get healthier in numerous sanatoriums, enjoy historical and cultural monuments. Ukraine can offer any options for recreation: from the city to the beach and mounteins.

There are many mixed forests of pine, fir, beech and oak trees. A lot of healing sources. And a lot of resort places for rest and health!

5% of Ukraine’s territory is mountainous. The Carpathians is the natural mountainous boundary of Ukraine.
In winter, many people travel to Carpathians ski resorts. Bukovel Resort has a rapidly growing reputation for being one of the most wonderful ski resorts in Eastern Europe. A lot of comfortablehotels with pets allowed.

The Carpathian Mountains are beautiful in any season and especially in summer. It is a unique world with no place for boredom. And what a healing power has the Carpathian air!

Ukraine washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and has very important ports.
There are a lot of unique rivers and lakes in Ukraine. Danube, Dnieper, Pripyat, Desna, Dniester are the most majestic rivers with fascinating nature.

Ukraine has a rich historical and cultural heritage. There are many holy places, beautiful Orthodox churches, historic castles, museums and ect.

Ukraine is the country that must be visited at least once in your life!






We live in one of the most beautiful cities, this is Kharkiv!


Our family lives in the Kharkiv city. Kharkiv is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine! This is a very picturesque city with many beautiful architecture.

The main rivers of Kharkiv are Kharkiv, Lopan, Uda. At the intersection of two rivers of the city: the Kharkiv River and the Lopan River, located along the embankment Square which is called "Strelka". This is one of the sights of Kharkiv.

In the center of the city there is a beautiful park called garden Taras Shevchenko. A monument of the 50th parallel is installed on one of the alleys of the park as a sign that Kharkiv is the largest city on the 50th parallel of northern latitude.

Near it is the Freedom Square, the largest square in Europe. All city celebrations usually take place here. In winter, people come to the Freedom Square to the Christmas tree, and ride a free skating rink, and attend a festive fair, and raise the Christmas spirits.

There is also a new building of the Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theater nearby - a very interesting monumental building.

Gorky Park in Kharkiv is a unique, one of the largest open-air entertainment centers in Europe. On its territory there are attractions for adults and children, fountains and a lake, sculptures and retro platforms. The park's area is more than 130 hectares. In the center is the Medieval Square with the highest Ferris wheel in Ukraine (55 meters).

Orthodox churches enrich Kharkiv. Annunciation Cathedral - the oldest temple of the city, the largest cathedral in Eastern Europe. The history of the cathedral dates back to the 17th century.

The Pokrovsky Monastery is called the heart of Kharkiv. This is the place around which the spiritual life of the future metropolis was born in the middle of the 17th century. Among the buildings of the monastic complex stands the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, built in the 80s of the XVII century. This is the oldest stone building in the city.

Assumption Cathedral is the oldest Orthodox church in the Russian Baroque style, a historical landmark of Kharkov. And many many other very significant and beautiful temples.

We invite you to visit our city! We will be happy to meet you and show you our beautiful city. I'm sure we will spend time together wonderfully! Welcome!


What possibilities of puppy delivery?

We invite you to visit our home and to take the puppy personally. If you are out the Ukraine area, you can use airline for pick up your puppy to his forever home. Airport Kharkiv closest to us. We shipping our puppies only via pet friendly Airlines, wehere the puppies fly in the airplane salon on your lap or near airchair. And during the flight puppies receive communication, weasel and full care.

We never use cargo!

We can also offer a reliable Service of animal delivery. Very nice and sweet staff. They love animals and give tenderness and full care to the puppy during fly. We used Service several times and we and new owners are very satisfied.


How it works. All delivery details and purchase tickets are carried out in advance. One of the most important rules is the fastest flight. The Service selects flights that the puppy will flies to his owners as soon as possible. Delivery date agreed and fixed. We drive personally to Boryspil airport in appointed delivery date and time, and meet with the delivery man (nanny) and give him a puppy from hand to hand. The new owner meets the delivery man (nanny) at the previously agreed airport and picks up the puppy. The puppy gets full and topflight care during the flight. Puppies arrive almost without stress. The only one stress there, is leaving from beloved home. But this pass right away as soon as the puppy falls into the hands of his most loving owner!

If the dachshund goes into the place, then it goes on the owner's lap.